Galintel® is Australia’s leading Brand of high quality galvanised steel lintel bars for the building & construction industry. Our famous Australian made lintels include Angles, Flats and T-Bars as well as our specialty products, Cavi-T-Bar™, J-Bar™ and Rendabar® Angle. Forged over 30 years, Galintel® has built a reputation for innovation and excellence, the industry benchmark for lintels that are stronger, more durable, smarter and ultimately safer.

Galintel® works extensively with industry stakeholders on the development of lintels; all our products undergo independent testing and appraisal ensuring they comply with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards.

All Galintel® products are backed by a 25 year product warranty and the business is successfully managed by our dedicated team of professionals with over 35 years’ experience in the Australian Steel Industry.

Galintel® Rolling Mill supports our downstream manufacturing activities by transforming coil steel into multi-rib sections. The Rolling Mill also produces a wide range of heavy gauge flat steel products, toll slitting and rolling of select hot rolled products for niche markets as well as welded beams. Our welding beam line uses submerged arc welding technology to produce structural beams as per our customer’s requirements.

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