Surface Coal Mine Methane Plant Packages

Surface Coal Mine Methane Plant Packages
Surface Coal Mine Methane Plant Packages
Surface Coal Mine Methane Plant Packages

Methane is recognized as the main ingredient of natural gas, a non-renewable fossil fuel formed from the remains of tiny sea animals and plants that died 200-400 million years ago. 

NEPEAN Gas supply and manufacture infrastructure for both Free Flow Methane Drainage and Gas Engine Powered Methane Drainage. NEPEAN Gas designs and manufactures many different types of methane gas plants to the requirements of individual clients needs. NEPEAN Gas also professionally manages all aspects of the site preparation, installation, commissioning and decommissioning as well as rehabilitation of the plant site environment.

The management of coal bed methane gas can yield valuable energy contributions for the potential use of the mine site, or sale of power into electricity grids. The control of coal bed methane gas in longwall mines is critical to facilitate mining without gas levels exceeding safe limits.

Two common styles of gas drainage plants supplied by NEPEAN are the "free flow plant", that essentially vents methane to the atmosphere, and the "Gas Engine Plant" which burns methane in a suitably specified gas engine, and uses the power generated to run gas well extraction fans as well as ancillary services.


Where there is no opportunity to harness the methane gas for gas engine or pipeline use, NEPEAN Gas provide economical and reliable free flow systems that incorporate an approved free flow methane stack.

NEPEAN Gas’s technology facilitates the production of free flow methane stacks that have proven to be the most effective method of reducing methane content in rapidly moving longwall faces. 

The design has yielded good life expectancy in highly corrosive environments. All equipment is of robust construction and fully galvanized.

Our complete methane gas package includes all pipe-work, isolation and actuator valves, flame arrestors, pressure relief valves, fire suppression, earthing and lightning arrestor.


Methane gas from longwall goafs can be successfully used to run internal combustion engines which can in turn power gas extraction fans and auxiliary lighting.

NEPEAN Gas have developed systems that are able to handle significant quantities of water. The engines are able to run reliably on relatively low concentrations of methane and provide a service life of 10,000 hours before major maintenance.

The methane drainage plant can be connected by radio telemetry to the mine central control room that monitors and records the gas pressure and methane concentration, providing warnings if these exceed preset safety parameters.

NEPEAN Gas has a proven track record in manufacturing fixed or sled mounted units. The fixed systems are equipped for operation on the surface over a protracted period with a moderate amount of surface infrastructure.  The NEPEAN Gas sled mounted units consist of all essential components of the gas engine, fans and monitoring equipment mounted on a trail-able sled for ease of movement between borehole sites.