NEPEAN Longwall manufacture and supply Inbye™ crushers. Inbye crushers are designed to accept ROM coal produced at the longwall face and transform this in to a beltable product. Inbye crushers incorporate a high-speed, hammer tooth roll to crush material against a heavy-duty crushing deck as material is conveyed through the unit by a pan line conveyor. Inbye Crushers can be adapted to fit into any Stage Loader/Longwall manufacturer's system and is available in widths ranging from 1060mm to 1220mm with customisable design features available.

NEPEAN Longwall designs, manufactures and supports a complete range of Inbye™ chain conveyor system solutions. Each component of the Inbye™ chain conveyor system draws on many years of design and manufacturing experience enabling NEPEAN Longwall to offer a wide range of designs tailored for individual mining conditions. NEPEAN Longwall is unique in producing Australian designed, engineered and manufactured chain conveyor products with many features that greatly enhance the operating ability, and improve the maintainability, of the longwall systems.