Inbye™ Longwall Chain Conveyor Systems

NEPEAN Longwall design, tests, manufactures installs and commissions a complete range of Inbye ™ chain conveyor products.

Inbye ™ longwall chain conveyor designs draw on many years of design, operation and maintenance experience enabling NEPEAN Longwall to offer a wide range of AFC and BSL system solutions and components tailored for individual mining conditions and client preferences.

NEPEAN Longwall‘s products include:

  • Inbye ™Armoured Face Conveyors (AFC) (with up to 3000kW installed power and operating lengths of up to 400m)
  • Inbye ™ Beam Stage Loaders (BSL)
  • Inbye ™ Crushers
  • Inbye ™Bootends

and associated sub-components and complimentary parts such as Inbye ™ sprocket assemblies.