1000V DCB - Distribution Control Box


The NEPEAN Power flameproof Load Centres/Distribution Control Box’s (DCB) are manufactured to the highest quality standards and can be adapted in design to incorporate individual specifications.  The NEPEAN Power DCB is designed using the latest AutoCAD software and 3D technology resulting in the most productive and safe equipment for the worksite.

The NEPEAN Power DCB is manufactured to include several basic designs and sizes. The DCB enclosure can be constructed using stainless steel flanges or can be completely produced with stainless steel.

Which DCB suits you?

*A comprehensive range of options for outlet control are available.


  Prestige DCB Longwall DCB
Outlets  8 Outlets 6 Outlets  11 Outlets  8 Outlets 
Voltage 1kV  3.3kV  1kV  3.3kV 


Operator safety and ease of maintenance is a major consideration in the design and manufacture of every DCB. Access to all equipment inside the DCB is through hinged doors on the front.  These doors ensure personnel are safe whilst the machine is operating.

The DCB can be supplied on a galvanised metal skid base for ease of transportation around the work site.

The NEPEAN Power DCB integrates seamlessly and efficiently with other NEPEAN Power products.  NEPEAN provides monitoring, protection and control systems that allows the DCB to be monitored in real time resulting improved productivity and safety.  NEPEAN Power also supplies the communication system, the protection relay and the Ethernet cable to ensure maximum efficiency of the DCB.

If you would like more information on the NEPEAN Power Distribution Control Box/Load Centre, please email power@nepean.com