Human Interface Devices


The NEPEAN Power Intelligent Message Display (Or IMD) can be used to provide operator instruction and or system status with the simplicity of an LED display. The IMD can not only detail information relating to a problem it also displays information necessary to rectify a problem.

The Intelligent Message Display has proven reliability with Mining and Industrial equipment, and is flexible in design, allowing customisation to suit your individual specifications


Operate equipment behind flameproof windows

The NEPEAN Power non-contact buttons use the latest capacitive sensors to enable users to operate buttons mounted behind a flameproof window.

NEPEAN Power non-contact buttons are ideal for flameproof mining equipment, ensuring the safety of site personnel.


Indication in hazardous environments

NEPEAN Power offers many solutions to provide indication in a hazardous environment, one of which is this I.S. LED Red / Green indicator. The IS indicator houses high efficiency LEDs to give a highlight output from an intrinsically safe power source.

Supplied in a robust plastic enclosure with LED elements encapsulated into the lid of the enclosure. There is a 3 wire connection to the indicator, one common and one connection for each segment.