Measurement Devices


Microprocessor controlled sending relay

The NEPEAN Power Temperature Relay is a microprocessor controlled sending relay that measures the temperature from a single PT100 RTD sensor and provides two independent SPCO relay outputs each with an individually adjustable trip threshold. The measured temperature is displayed on the front of the relay.



NEPEAN Power offers a Strain Gauge Transmitter designed to provide a simple interface from a load cell to PLC input cards. Our Strain Gauge Transmitter unit is designed for use with 4 wire load cells, either 1mV/V or 2mV/V. There is an internal jumper to select between the two.


The NEPEAN Power Speed Relay converts a frequency input signal to a 4-20mA current loop output signal and also incorporates a change over relay contact that operates or releases when the input pulse rate is less than one pulse per second. The maximum pulse rate is adjustable via a small opening on the front panel of the enclosure. The Speed Relay counts input pulses over a pre-determined time and then converts this count into a proportional output current.


The NEPEAN Power range of current and voltage Transducers are designed to provide a simple interface to PLC input cards for mining and insustrial industries.

The NEPEAN Power Current and Voltage Transducers provide a 4 to 20mA signals suitable for taking to a PLC analog input card.


Temperature Sensor Monitor

The NEPEAN Power 4 Way Multiplexer, Temperature Transducer, is an easy method of monitoring 4 temperature sensors with a single 4-20mA loop input device. The Multiplexer will directly interface with 4 x PT100 RTD sensors without the need for any other transducers or power supplies. The output from the multiplexer is a 4-20mA signal scaled as 0 to 150 degrees C.