NEPEAN Power can manufacture customised transportable switchrooms to suit any requirements. All Switchrooms are designed and built to be functional, durable and low maintenance.

NEPEAN Power designs and manufactures custom, specialised transportable Switchrooms for a wide range of industry applications.  NEPEAN Power has extensive knowledge and experience in the design and manufacture process.  NEPEAN Power can offer customers fully proven solutions or we can design Switchrooms to customer specification.

NEPEAN Power’s Switchrooms are manufactured in a modern, high-tech production facility in Thornton, NSW.  Switchrooms are pre-assembled prior to delivery to your worksite allowing ease of installation. NEPEAN Power’s ability to construct your Switchroom in our workshop greatly reduces manufacturing and commissioning costs.

Switchrooms are fully tested and subject to stringent quality control before delivery, ensuring all Switchrooms are of the highest quality and are safe for use.

Transportable Switchrooms are designed and built to be functional, durable and low maintenance. In addition, the Switchrooms are built to comply with the relevant building codes and standards.


  • Prefabricated galvanised steel framed wall construction with hot dipped galvanised channel bases
  • Designed to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions including strong winds and excessive heat
  • The walls and roof are lined with colorbond sheeting that can be supplied in a range of colours to harmonise with surroundings
  • Insulation is fitted to the walls and roof cavities
  • Doors are solid core metal clad with dust ingress sealing
  • Air-conditioned to maintain optimum temperature 
  • Fire extinguishers are located adjacent to all doorways and walls
  • All wiring is concealed inside the walls linking to a distribution board
  • Emergency, exterior and interior lighting is also fitted