The NEPEAN Power Transformers are manufactured in Australia to individual custom design specifications using the latest software and technology.  NEPEAN Power provides fully engineered transformers resulting in high performance and innovation.  Every transformer is subject to extensive testing in our workshop and complies with all relevant Australian Standards.


The NEPEAN Power Oil Filled Transformer is cost effective to buy and economical to run. The experience and knowledge of our engineers allows NEPEAN Power to provide an innovative Oil Filled Transformer that can be adapted to suit individual specifications.

Oil filled transformer types include multiwinding, nitrogen sealed, high current, free oil level, conservator (sealed and free breathing) and high flash point fluid (natural or synthetic esters, silicone).


The environmentally friendly Dry type, gas pressurized transformer is non-explosive, non-polluting and requires minimum maintenance with insulation levels equivalent to the oil/liquid filled transformer.  The hermetically sealed tank protects the core and coils from moisture, dust, explosive gases and corrosive atmospheres.


The method used to construct a transformer depends upon the power rating, voltage ratio, and type of transformer specified; generally cores are constructed from laminations of cold rolled grain oriented silicon steel with fully interleaved joints and cruciform sections.

The Windings are wound with conductors of high conductivity aluminium or annealed copper wire. The windings are cylindrical in shape and are wound concentrically.  The H.V & L.V windings are wound with adequate brazing and securing tape to achieve a strong and self-supporting structure. Interlayer ducts ensure a low temperature gradient between winding and oil, keeping the temperature to a minimum and therefore the rate of insulation deterioration is minimized and high life expectancy is achieved.

The tank is fabricated from mild steel sheet with pressed steel fins / cooling tubes for heat dissipation. Each tank is checked using magnaflux ultraviolet ray die penetrating system to ensure there is absolutely no leakage from any part of the tank.

The NEPEAN Power Transformer can  deliver 5kVA to 63MVA up to 132kV with "A" Class insulation and designed to withstand short circuit 7 impulse test in accordance to ANSI / BS / IEC / IS / NEMA standards.

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