3.3kV Longwall DCB

Building experience in 3.3kV Longwall Gate End Box's since 1996 


The NEPEAN Power Transformers are manufactured in Australia to individual custom design specifications using the latest software and technology.  NEPEAN Power provides fully engineered transformers resulting in high performance and innovation.  Every transformer is subject to extensive testing in our workshop and complies with all relevant Australian Standards.


NEPEAN Power can manufacture customised transportable switchrooms to suit any requirements. All Switchrooms are designed and built to be functional, durable and low maintenance.

NEPEAN Power designs and manufactures custom, specialised transportable Switchrooms for a wide range of industry applications.  NEPEAN Power has extensive knowledge and experience in the design and manufacture process.  NEPEAN Power can offer customers fully proven solutions or we can design Switchrooms to customer specification.


The NEPEAN Power substation can be fully customised and engineered to suit individual requirements such as low height, high capacity and different voltages.  Solutions can be provided for open cut mines, underground mines and quarries in both flameproof and non-flameproof.  

Our range includes:


NEPEAN Power Flameproof and Non Flameproof Starters can be custom built to customer specifications ensuring safe and productive operation.

NEPEAN Power’s experienced team of engineers design Starters to suit customer specifications.  This results in robust, customised solutions of the highest quality design and manufacture.

NEPEAN Power has a range of standard Starters available with the option to customise features such as physical size, fixed mount or skid mounted, drip proof and weatherproof.

Power & Electronic Device Services


The NEPEAN Power repair & overhaul service ensures all industrial and mining equipment is returned fit for purpose and in compliance with the latest legal requirements and operational standards. NEPEAN Power efficiently overhauls equipment, saving time, money and resources.


Over 30% of NEPEAN Power employees have a background in professional engineering, this collective knowledge puts NEPEAN Power at the forefront of engineering excellence ensuring our clients receive devices for their work site that are productive and safe.

In addition to our normal manufacturing processes, NEPEAN Power provides the following Engineering services:

  • Software Development (PLC, Citect, RS View)
  • Engineering Drafting (CAD – Inventor, Electrical, Mechanical)
  • Power System Modelling
  • Design Specifications (Fault Studies, Lightning, Earthing, Harmonic)
  • Project Management (Electrical, Mechanical)
  • Verification equipment dossier
  • Training


NEPEAN Power has an excellent range of tools, equipment and personnel with the ability to carry out the most demanding of mechanical work such as flameproof equipment, sheet metal or heavy engineering manufacture, repair and modification.


NEPEAN Power manufactures and designs a wide range of electrical or electronic equipment for specialised and specific applications. NEPEAN Power engineers design products to individual customer specifications. NEPEAN’s willingness to tackle very difficult challenges and reach successful outcomes for our customers form the basis of our reputation for engineering excellence.


NEPEAN Power offers a diverse range of new & refurbished equipment for sale or hire which has been fully tested to the relevant standards.

NEPEAN Power also offer hire/buy agreements (both short and long term) which allows for savings on capital expenditure to free up cash flow and utilise the latest equipment and technology.

Power Supply Devices


Monitor & Protect Control Circuits

Under normal load conditions the fault driven power supply uses the upstream voltage source to charge storage capacitors to form a DC bus. Under remote fault conditions the local voltage may fall, but this generally leads to an increase in current flow. This current is used as an energy source to supplement the available internal bus voltage maintained on the capacitors.


The NEPEAN Power DC-DC Power Supply is designed by engineers with extensive knowledge and experience. The DC-DC Power Supply is designed and manufactured to ensure safety in mining and industrial industries. The DC-DC Power supply is cost effective and reliable and boasts many convenient features.


The NEPEAN Power Machinewatch Power Supply has been designed by experienced engineers. The Machine Watch Power Supply has been designed to allow maximum safety in mining and industrial environments, as well as being cost effective.


NEPEAN Power supply a wide range of AC to AC and AC to DC Power Supplies for mining and industrial markets. NEPEAN Power has a range of typical Power Supplies used in most applications. NEPEAN caters for many different styles, voltages and wattages.

The NEPEAN Power 20V AC/DC Power Supply provides dual 20V ac and a single 20V dc from 110V, Internal 15VA transformer 20-0-20ac output and an 500mA 20V DC output.

Power Quality Devices


The NEPEAN Power 12 Way Diode Block Rectifiers have been designed to ensure maximum safety and productivity in mining and industrial industries.

Our cost effective Rectifiers, are reliable in design and are available in two different options:

  1. 12 Way diode block – X0120
  2. 12 Way diode block – X0122


The NEPEAN Power Dual Diode Isolator (DDI) has been developed to allow simple connection of two DC Power supplies to provide a single DC Output that may then be specified redundant.

If one of the DC supplies fails the other DC supply will take over automatically, immediately providing this redundancy.

Measurement Devices


Microprocessor controlled sending relay

The NEPEAN Power Temperature Relay is a microprocessor controlled sending relay that measures the temperature from a single PT100 RTD sensor and provides two independent SPCO relay outputs each with an individually adjustable trip threshold. The measured temperature is displayed on the front of the relay.



NEPEAN Power offers a Strain Gauge Transmitter designed to provide a simple interface from a load cell to PLC input cards. Our Strain Gauge Transmitter unit is designed for use with 4 wire load cells, either 1mV/V or 2mV/V. There is an internal jumper to select between the two.


The NEPEAN Power Speed Relay converts a frequency input signal to a 4-20mA current loop output signal and also incorporates a change over relay contact that operates or releases when the input pulse rate is less than one pulse per second. The maximum pulse rate is adjustable via a small opening on the front panel of the enclosure. The Speed Relay counts input pulses over a pre-determined time and then converts this count into a proportional output current.


The NEPEAN Power range of current and voltage Transducers are designed to provide a simple interface to PLC input cards for mining and insustrial industries.

The NEPEAN Power Current and Voltage Transducers provide a 4 to 20mA signals suitable for taking to a PLC analog input card.


Temperature Sensor Monitor

The NEPEAN Power 4 Way Multiplexer, Temperature Transducer, is an easy method of monitoring 4 temperature sensors with a single 4-20mA loop input device. The Multiplexer will directly interface with 4 x PT100 RTD sensors without the need for any other transducers or power supplies. The output from the multiplexer is a 4-20mA signal scaled as 0 to 150 degrees C.

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